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I am Taylor Underwood a New York City based actress. I started acting when I was a mere seven years-old as my older sister insisted on taking me along to her summer theatre program that she had been doing for many years. That summer I fell in love with the stage. I stayed in that program until I started as a competitive dancer when I was ten years-old. Then in high school I started auditioning for the school musicals. I went to such small high school that we performed in a cafetorium. It wasn't until senior year that I was cast as Hattie in 'Kiss Me Kate' and finally got to sing a solo on stage. Also that year I was cast as Veta Louise Simmons in 'Harvey' and had the most amazing time playing with that character. After high school I did what any sensible mid-Michigan eighteen year-old does. Went to college for a normal person job. I started as a photography major then switched to writing in my third semester. Around age twenty-one I took my first trip to New York City and saw my first Broadway show. That night I realized that I had to act. I had to be an actor. I joined the theatre department at Lansing Community College in Lansing, Michigan, and took three semesters of schooling there before being accepted to the New York Film Academy in Manhattan. There I was a student in the Two-Year Acing for Film Conservatory program. I graduated in January 2018 with only four other classmates. Now I am auditioning in New York while also working on my own projects with friends from NYFA.

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